Every Dec. 24, members of the Whistler community and visitors come together to celebrate at the annual Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Carols. Everyone is welcomed and, for an hour, the outside world is left behind.

This year the tradition continued and it is important that we acknowledge the many volunteers who have helped to make our 28th annual Carol Service such a special event. Our readers are local residents who, with their families, contribute to our community in many ways throughout the years — Cain Susko, Rebecca Blaser, Karen Smith, Dave Williamson, Rowena Vincent-Nordin, Janet Hamer, Charalyn Kriz, Rosemary and David Malaher. Along with our host, Chris Quinlan, their readings and prayers reminded us of the importance of peace and good will toward all.

What would a carol service be without music? Thank you to the Whistler Children’s Chorus, the Whistler Singers, our wonderful pianist Rachael Lythe and our amazing guest percussionist Lauri Lyster. Without sound, we wouldn’t hear the choirs and we are so very lucky to have Whistler’s own Andrew Griffiths as our “sound guy.”

We would also like to thank the Westin Resort and Spa — especially Rowena McHugh — for providing us with our venue, and all the local businesses that willingly displayed posters. Thank you to Tessa and the Whistler Question for our beautiful and colourful ads and your generosity.

Finally, thank you to everyone who joined us at 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve to celebrate in the spirit of Christmas. You outdid yourselves singing the carols — they sounded great!

See you next year — same time, same place — for the 29th annual Carol Service.

Alison Hunter and Janet Hamer